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LB - Prestidigitation LB - Prestidigitation

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Wizard, huh?

With the tension in the intro, I half expected the song to explode into some heavily distorted guitars accompanied by insane pyrotechnics, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear the drill'n'bass :) Sounded pretty rockin to me!

Not too much going on, nothing too involved melodic-wise, but the mood was nice and the percussion was great.

And hey, I learned a new word! :3

Lublub194 responds:

New words are always good.

The mood was what this one was all about. I wanted somewhat of a doom feeling.

Anyways, I'm glad you liked the drums :D and the rest! I appreciate the kind words always lamp :D

TkJ - Glipgrind TkJ - Glipgrind

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When it comes to drone, I'm usually used to hearing a much more fleshed out bass range right off the bat, but the intro really caught my attention. I had a couple visions of metallic birds just lounging around in trees, clicking at each other. Really nice atmosphere there :)

The bells at 1:40 were just enough to keep it interesting until the crescendos (or "swells," I guess?) started making everything sound just lovely.

Shame there isn't a bigger audience for this stuff, it's really pretty drone :)

Press My Buttons, I'm Broken Press My Buttons, I'm Broken

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At first, I was almost reminded of Kingbastard. Not sure if you've ever heard his electronic stuff (Tied Up to Machines, ect.) but the raw synths and dancey beat gave me his sort of feeling. The mood's pretty similar, too. For some reason, though, this has a really ethnic desert feel, though. It sounds like it's in a major key and a harmonic minor key at the same time. Huh. Whatever.

Somewhere later in the song, the saw synth started making me think of Benny Benassi. Then it went into some other things and it was sort of hard to follow all the "bay beh" clips and the sample that sounded like a bird cawing impression. They weren't awful, just awkward.

Automation was smoother than silky silk :)

Nice song! Groovy little beat, I just wasn't a fan of the samples.

What a drab review.

PizzaBox responds:

You probably thought the synths sounded familiar because I was using a Moog, which is like the most popular brand name synth in the industry. Haha

And yeah, I actually hate the "baby" clips, but it was 3am and I didn't even know what I was making. I'll take them out ;P

.brain cream. .brain cream.

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Moisturizer included?

I heard the first few seconds and instantly thought of a group of really overweight men in overalls playing kitchenry with pitch pipes. Not sure how that works out, but I'm glad I kept listening.

Really good stuff. The bassy synth really caught my attention, I like how it jumps in and out of the foreground :) There was a good groove - it didn't change up very much, but the switches in instruments kept it interesting.

Sweet tune, makes me wish a door-to-door salesman would show up with a box of trial-sized brain cream bottles. I could do with a mental rub.

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VegetarianMeat responds:

lol, fat people.

Glad you liked it :D

LB - Overlook LB - Overlook

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Well bust my buttons.

Don't be insulted by this, but I think this song would be perfect for one of those cheesy e-card animations. It has such a perfect mood and melody to it that it just... fits. It matches the theme exactly, and even though it's depressing at times it's got a tinge of hope and sweetness.

I guess comparing it to generic e-card / inspirational animation music doesn't give it any sort of justice, but that's what I thought of it. I really like this song :) I think it's your best piece expression-wise. It starts off simply, but builds up into something really full-sounding.

The light bongo / percussion when the strings first come in is also a nice effect :)

So... yep. I tip my hat to you. This brought some thoughts of people that are only here in my memories, so you could say this song's got a universal message. Good job, Mr. Caleb!

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Lublub194 responds:

Haha, I can see that yah. Although I'd make sure to be paid lots for that, ahaha.

I super liked the bongos, one of the first times I've ever used em.

I'm glad this is a universal message, I want everyone to remember those they have lost, but for the reasons why we miss them; because they were, and are worth missing.

I'm glad you liked this, thanks for stopping by :D

LB - Bella Noche LB - Bella Noche

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I'm confused. It's like a giant, pumping genre clash. Like French, Italian, and dance styles all wrapped up in a tune that could be used in an anime or video game.

I don't even know what to say about it. It sounds good and all, it's just... weird :P Maybe if you made it into more than just a loop, so there would be more context... or somethin.

Speaking of somethin, that song I said I was going to write for you is being written and the first version of it is already uploaded if you want to take a gander.

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Lublub194 responds:

!!! (In other words, I'll take a look yes.)

It's not supposed to make any sense. It's one of the few things I've made when I have an awkward feeling. My music that comes out is super weird.

You should look at my newest though, it's far, far better then this.

LB - Neglect LB - Neglect

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I used to be that kid. Maybe it's because of that that this loop has different meanings.... for me, it represents the dreams that kid's dreaming in his head while he sits in silence. There's a tinge of sadness... maybe he never talks because he knows those dreams are never going to come true.

Well. Nice little piece here. Very relaxing but thoughtful :)

Lublub194 responds:

Thank ya very much sir :D

I think everyone has been that kid at some point in someplace.

LB - Suspense LB - Suspense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Walla walla boopita bee!

The guitar sounds like it's playing a drum rhythm, but only when the drums themselves aren't playing. That was strange, but I sort like this song. It's got a suspenseful feeling. (Oh, that's the title. Har har) I think this'd go quite loverly in a a good fighting game when the protagonist is marching triumphantly through a dark cave, unaware of his approaching foe. Fun stuff.

Lublub194 responds:

Meh, I'm not a huge fan of it, but I like it bits.

The guitar sorta does do the beat for awhile... on purpose, maybe?

Anyways, yeah, this was something I just sorta threw together. I'm glad you liked it!

TkJ - Chordchord TkJ - Chordchord

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Nothing hugely mindboggling, but the sounds were nice and warm and the chords had an especially pretty progression. I liked it. Very listenable :)

Once upon the time... Once upon the time...

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The Little Man

I love this song! The story actually has a meaning that I understand (or at least I think I understand it) and the accompanying music is positively unique. I love the crazy effects you put on the voice, not only because they sound sweet but because I can still understand what he's saying.

Very interesting song, not something you hear every day. I like the moral of the story as well :D Work good the up keep!

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ReFreezed responds:

Well I definitively think the voice turned out much better here than the last time I used my own voice for lyrics. (Thinking of "The escape"...) Glad you enjoyed it. :)

As for the story, it's somewhat related to humans and that if we stop listening and learning from the environment then we'll become both less intelligent and more deaf/ignorant, thus making it harder to begin listening again the day we realize what has happened, and by then it might already be too late. (Longest sentence ever?)

Actually, I didn't come up with this until after the song was finished. lol

Review the for you thank! :D